Server Information

Server Information



  • Full control over your server with ease through our GameCP system
  • Setup plugins, mods, maps, and more
  • Change game settings, manage your server
  • Track activity via built in graphs
  • Fully integrated with our billing system – instant server creation upon payment

Integrated Billing System


  • Upgrade and downgrade plans with ease
  • Centralised payment system
  • Automated and instant provisioning of services, after payment

Our Servers


  • Dual Intel Xeon quad core CPU’s
  • 32GB of RAM
  • High speed upstream bandwidth
  • Dedicated systems, no extra layers between resources and your game servers


datacenter datacentre

  • N+1 redundant power and cooling systems
  • Backup UPS and generator systems to ensure uptime in the event of power failures
  • Secure facility, restricted access
  • Located in Brisbane, Australia



  • High speed, low latency, local connectivity
  • Network point of presence in Brisbane, Australia
  • Using our own firewall system, we automatically block known bad hosts

Customer Support

  • High quality, experienced, staff
  • Online help available
  • FAQ’s and guides available

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